The Cape Breton Island Centre for Immigration is dedicated to welcoming international students to Cape Breton Island. We work to orient, support, connect, advocate on behalf of, and otherwise meet the needs of international students in service of their successful settlement in Cape Breton.

The Centre can offer many supports and services to students and graduates in an effort to help them settle and/or stay on the Island. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Making social and cultural connections between students and graduates and long-time Cape Bretoners;
  • Helping students connect to social and cultural groups and networks across the Island including events, volunteer opportunities, and services;
  • Connecting students with employment and entrepreneurship resources, opportunities and networks across the Island;
  • Organizing tours of the Island’s five municipalities and Mi’kmaq communities to aid students in connecting with employment and business opportunities in these jurisdictions;
  • One-on-one case work/support;
  • Other services as requested

These offerings will change over time as the needs and aspirations of students and graduates change.

International Student Mailing List

Please let us know the person's name or the university/organization that referred you.

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